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  • These training DVDs are re-mastered from the original 1996 video masters and maintain thier original clarity. They will help you succeed in your goal to become more proficient with the karate techniques for you belt level.
  • All katas are shown from two angles at normal and slow speed. All pre-arranged kumite and kata applications are also presented. They were designed and produced as a training aid and link to Okinawa.
  • The two DVD set covers the entire Uechi ryu system as it is practiced in the Shinjo dojo of Okinawa. The Shinjo Dojo captured the Uechi ryu Kata Championship for twenty of the tournament's twenty five year history!


This DVD details the entire colored belt system as it is practiced in Okinawa.. Applications for all colored belt katas developed by Kyoshi Dollar are also included. These applications are invaluable aids to understanding the techniques ni Uechi Ryu kata.

  • Uechi ryu history
  • Jumbiundo - Warm up exercises
  • Hojoundo - Supplemental exercise from kata
  • Sanchin kata and explanation
  • Kanshiwa kata and bunkai (application)
  • Kyu yakusoku kumite (prearranged colored belt sparring)
  • Kanshu kata and bunkai
  • Seichin kata and bunkai
  • Cool-down exercises

Running time: 56 minutes

Price: $29.95

TRAINING VIDEO II Black belt (Dan)

 This two part DVD presents the entire black belt level of Uechi Ryu karate system.

 Part I SHODAN-NIDAN Black Belt Level

  • Uechi ryu history
  • Hojoundo - Supplemental exercises from Kata
  • Sanchin kata
  • Seisan kata and bunkai (application)
  • Kenyukai dan yakusoku kumite (pre-arraigned black belt sparring)
  • Seirui kata and applications
  • Sparring highlights from Okinawa

Running time: 40 minutes


  • Sanchin kata
  • Seisan kata
  • Seirui kata
  • Kanchin kata
  • Sanseiryu kata and bunkai (application)
  • Futenma dan yakusoku kumite
  • Kenyuai dan yakusoku kumite
  • Makiwara and Tamishiwari (conditioning and breaking)
  • Sanchin kata from Okinawa

Running time Part II: 40 minutes

Total DVD running time : 80 Minutes

Price: $29.95

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